pfff for CentOS.

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pfff is a set of tools and APIs to perform some static analysis (e.g. to find bugs), dynamic analysis, source code indexing, code search, code visualizations, code navigations, or style-preserving source-to-source transformations such as refactorings on source code.

There is good support for C, Java, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and preliminary support for C++, Rust, C#, Erlang, Lisp, Scheme, Haskell, Python, OPA, Sql, and even TeX. There is also very good support for OCaml and noweb (literate programming) so that pfff can be used on the code of pfff itself.


Here are the pfff tools:

  • pfff, a small command line program to test the different programming language parsers.

  • scheck, a lint-like bugs finder.

  • stags, a more precise Emacs tag generator.

  • sgrep, a syntactical grep, to make it easy to find precise code patterns.

  • spatch, a syntactical patch, to make it easy to refactor code.

  • codemap, a semantic source code visualizer/navigator/searcher which can also leverage the information computed by pfff_db and codegraph.

  • codegraph, a package/module/class dependency visualizer as well as a source code indexer (a.k.a., grapher).

  • codequery, an interactive tool a la SQL to query information about the structure of a codebase using Prolog as the query engine.

  • pfff_db, which does some simple global analysis on a set of source files and store the data in a marshalled or JSON form in a file somewhere (e.g., /tmp/pfff_db.json).

See for releases.

Generating the RPM package

Edit the Makefile to ensure that you are setting the intended version, then run make.


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