Ansible playbook for installing and configuring Minecraft

License: BSD-3-Clause

Language: Python

Minecraft Playbook

This playbook installs Java and EMSM (and, through it, Minecraft) on a Unix server. It also configures zero or more worlds on the server, and is able to install some mods (in particular, Forge-based mods).

Accepting EULAs

Both Java and Minecraft require accepting EULAs in order to run the software. These playbooks do so automatically, but require you to explicitly opt in to this behavior.

Do so by setting the following as host variables:

accept_java_eula: yes
accept_minecraft_eula: yes

Defining Worlds

Worlds are defined using the worlds variable, defined as a list. Each item in the list defines a world name (name), a version of the Minecraft server (server), and optionally a list of mods to install (mods) and players to have op on the server (ops).

All world properties are set to the Minecraft defaults, and may be overridden individually by passing them to properties within each world.

A complete sample world definition looks like this:

  - name: A Minecraft World
    server: minecraft forge 1.8
      - ''
      - ''
      - uuid: 2f6a0860-1815-4dd1-817b-789c47bdb7ba
        name: lukesneeringer
        level: 4
      level_type: BIOMESOP
      pvp: 'false'
      server_port: 25565


  • Server versions are defined by EMSM; check its documentation. Generally it should either be vanilla x.y or minecraft forge x.y, in lower-case.
  • Ops must be defined including the uuid, name, and level. You can look up a player's UUID if you need to.
  • It is best to always explicitly define the server_port.
  • If you need to pass a boolean value to any property, make sure you do so as a string (as done in the example above).


All code provided here is considered to be licensed as New BSD (see the LICENSE file).

The software that this playbook installs is licensed under their own terms; using this does not alter that.

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