A very fast & simple Ruby web server

Language: Ruby

Keywords: rack, rails, ruby, server, thin, web-server


A small and fast Ruby web server


gem install thin

Or add thin to your Gemfile:

gem 'thin'


A +thin+ script offers an easy way to start your Rack application:

thin start

Browse the example directory for sample applications.

Usage with Rails Action Cable

To use Thin with Action Cable, add the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'faye-websocket'
gem 'thin' # If not already done

Create a config/initializers/thin_action_cable.rb:

Rails.application.config.action_cable.use_faye = true
Faye::WebSocket.load_adapter 'thin'


Use a rackup ( file and bind to localhost port 8080:

thin -R -a -p 8080 start

Store the server process ID, log to a file and daemonize:

thin -p 9292 -P tmp/pids/ -l logs/thin.log -d start

Thin is quite flexible in that many options can be specified at the command line (see thin -h for more).

Configuration files

You can create a configuration file using thin config -C config/thin.yml.

You can then use it with all commands, such as: thin start -C config/thin.yml.

Here is an example config file:

user: www-data
group: www-data
pid: tmp/pids/
timeout: 30
wait: 30
log: log/thin.log
max_conns: 1024
require: []
environment: production
max_persistent_conns: 512
servers: 1
threaded: true
no-epoll: true
daemonize: true
socket: tmp/sockets/thin.sock
chdir: /path/to/your/apps/root
tag: a-name-to-show-up-in-ps aux


Ruby License,


The parser was originally from Mongrel by Zed Shaw. Mongrel is copyright 2007 Zed A. Shaw and contributors. It is licensed under the Ruby license and the GPL2.

Thin is copyright Marc-Andre Cournoyer

Get help at Report bugs at and major security issues directly to me at

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A very fast & simple Ruby web server
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A very fast & simple Ruby web server
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A very fast & simple Ruby web server
Ruby - MIT - Updated - 3 stars - 1 forks
A very fast & simple Ruby web server
Ruby - MIT - Last pushed - 3 stars

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