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License: BSD-3-Clause-Clear

Language: JavaScript

Keywords: armory, embeddables, embeds, es2015, es6, flow, guild, guildwars2, gw2, gw2aembed, javascript, progressive-web-app, react, reactjs, redux Build Status


npm i

Local build

If running locally make sure you add a local.js to the src/env/ folder. Look at local.sample.js for help.

Local api

Make sure you're running the api locally, grab it over at armory-api. Make sure the env is pointing to the correct endpoint (depending how you're running the api).

npm run dev

Prod build

npm start

Bundling prod

npm run build

Pull Requests

Feel like contributing? Look at the issues tab, or contact me on reddit or twitter to find something you'd like to work on, then make a pull request against the master branch.

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