A collection of common interactive command line user interfaces, based on Inquirer.js (

License: MIT

Language: Python

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Collection of common interactive command line user interfaces, based on Inquirer.js.

Goal and Philosophy

Born as a Inquirer.js clone, it shares part of the goals and philosophy.

So, Inquirer should ease the process of asking end user questions, parsing, validating answers, managing hierarchical prompts and providing error feedback.

You can download the python-inquirer code from GitHub or download the wheel from Pypi.

Platforms support

Currently the python-inquirer supports only UNIX-based platforms (eq. Mac OS, Linux, etc.). Windows is not supported at the moment!


Documentation has been moved to

But here you have a couple of usage examples:


import inquirer
questions = [
  inquirer.Text('name', message="What's your name"),
  inquirer.Text('surname', message="What's your surname"),
  inquirer.Text('phone', message="What's your phone number",
                validate=lambda _, x: re.match('\+?\d[\d ]+\d', x),
answers = inquirer.prompt(questions)

Example of Text Question


Like a Text question, but used for larger answers. It opens external text editor which is used to collect the answer.

The environment variables $VISUAL and $EDITOR, can be used to specify which editor should be used. If not present inquirer fallbacks to vim -> emacs -> nano in this order based on availability in the system.

External editor handling is done using great library python-editor.


import inquirer
questions = [
  inquirer.Editor('long_text', message="Provide long text")
answers = inquirer.prompt(questions)


Shows a list of choices, and allows the selection of one of them.


import inquirer
questions = [
                message="What size do you need?",
                choices=['Jumbo', 'Large', 'Standard', 'Medium', 'Small', 'Micro'],
answers = inquirer.prompt(questions)

List questions can take one extra argument carousel=False. If set to true, the answers will rotate (back to first when pressing down on last choice, and down to last choice when pressing up on first choice)

Example of List Question


Shows a list of choices, with multiple selection.


import inquirer
questions = [
                    message="What are you interested in?",
                    choices=['Computers', 'Books', 'Science', 'Nature', 'Fantasy', 'History'],
answers = inquirer.prompt(questions)

Example of Checkbox Question


Like Text question, but with builtin validations for working with paths.


import inquirer
questions = [
                 message="Where logs should be located?",
answers = inquirer.prompt(questions)


Copyright (c) 2014 Miguel Ángel García (@magmax9), based on Inquirer.js, by Simon Boudrias (@vaxilart)

Licensed under the MIT license.

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Collection of common interactive command line user interfaces, based on Inquirer.js
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