Magento extension to integrate MailUp with the popular ecommerce platform

License: AFL-3.0

Language: PHP


Official Magento 1 CE Extension.
MailUp is your complete email delivery solution. It combines strong campaign management features (multi-list platform, advanced segmentation, dynamic content, A/B testing, detailed statistics, etc.) with automated messaging and a free SMTP relay service. It uses an innovative, flat-rate pricing policy that provides great flexibility and guarantees substantial savings over competing solutions.

Stable version


Magento version


  • CE 1.6.x
  • CE 1.7.x
  • CE 1.8.x
  • CE 1.9.x (last version tested

PHP Version

We only support php >=5.5.x
Actually we don't support php 7 but you can find some contribution from the community to make it possible.

Install via

  • composer
  • modman

Composer code



Any contribution to the development is welcome. The best possibility to provide any code is to open a pull request on GitHub.
You can also open an issue to advice any kind of error.

Privacy Policy

Please look at


Do not install the extension directly on production environment. Try before locally or in stage environment.

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