Márcio Martins Márcio Martins

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Homepage: http://mmartins.me

Company: eBookingServices.com

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


My .dot files and an easy installation script
Shell - Unlicense - Last pushed - 0 stars
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Repositories Contributed To

Old Vibe.d stripped & repackaged with PGSQL, SQLite, XML, CookieJar, HTTP/2, botan, libasync, Dae...
D - MIT - Last pushed - 6 stars - 1 forks
Cross-platform event loop library of asynchronous objects
D - MIT - Last pushed - 127 stars - 29 forks
sane aims to be fast, small, and reliable filesystem watcher. No bells and whistles, just change ...
JavaScript - Last pushed - 302 stars - 60 forks
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