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Language: Python

This repo is the PoC version of Nut. This repo is completely outdated and should not be used. But if you're looking for some funny attempt of turning Docker Compose into something new, then have fun reading through :)

Donut, Docker Nut

Docker Nut sets up dev environments based on Docker containers. It aims to manage environments as easily as one installs packages with npm/bower/etc, without messing up your computer's configuration. Everything happens in containers. As npm, Donut stores some configuration files in .nut directory, such as the environment configuration files.

To begin with, create a file nut.yml (example below) in your working directory, and run :

nut build # to build the app nut run # to run the app nut cmd helloworld # you can define custom commands in nut.yml file nut exe ls -la # you can run whatever command in the environment

A nut.yml describing a project looks like this:

go:  # name of the environment
    path: exampleOfLocalNutFile/go/nut.yml  # path to a nut.yml file describing an environment
    # You can also install the environment with a url:
    # url:
  commands:  # defined custom commands / macros to run in the container with "nut cmd NAME"
    helloworld:  # custom command called "helloworld"
      - echo "Hello World! ..."
      - echo "... Welcome to Docker Nut, Donut."
    # By convention, custom commands should be in lowercase.
    # you can also override RUN, BUILD, etc, which are called by "nut run", "nut build", etc.

On the other hand, the nut.yml describing an environment looks like this:

nut:  # this doesn't really matter yet. Just stick to this to have the same pattern for every environment
    image: golang:latest  # which image from Docker Hub to use
    # or dockerfile: future feature to build directly from a docker file
  commands:  # declare commands of the environments.
      - go build -o output
      - ./output
      - echo "Nothing to test yet"
    # By convention, uppercase means that it is a command predefined by nut ("nut run", "nut build", etc)

For more information about the Nut file, see the example


This project is in a very early stage and is to evolve quickly. To test Donut, set up a development environment by running python3 develop. This will install the dependencies and set up a symlink from your nut executable to the checkout of the repository. When you now run nut from anywhere on your machine, it will run your development version of Donut.

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