Markdown handouts + exercises

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Language: JavaScript


Markdown handouts + exercises


An example handout!

Clone this repository and open example/handout/index.html.


Example slides!

Clone this repository and open example/slides/index.html.


JavaScript and CSS for rendering and running handouts.

For local development, the handout HTML file includes handout-render.js to render the page in the browser. handout-render then loads handout-run.js to handle exercises and interactive elements. Exercise answers are checked locally.

For deployment, the handout HTML page is loaded in PhantomJS using deliver/deliver.phantom.js, pre-rendered, and the resulting HTML file only includes handout-run. Exercise answers are also stripped from the file and checked server-side.


Shell scripts for pre-rendering handouts.

deliver-handouts pre-renders a directory of handouts as described above. It delivers HTML files to one directory, for display on the web, and JSON files with exercise answers to another directory, for use by the server-side exercise checker.

repo-post-receive-hook is designed for use with Git Meta-Hooks and deliver-handouts-athena on Athena.

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