learn chef for building goatos

License: WTFPL

Language: Ruby

Learning Cookbooks

This repo contains cookbooks on which applied to an ubuntu-14.04 installs LXC package and after that the default ubuntu user can start unprivileged containers.


  1. Start a node EC2/Private datacentre. Ubuntu-14.04
  2. If EC2: knife bootstrap f.q.d.n-host -i /path/to/priv/key -x ubuntu --sudo -N nodename
  3. If not EC2: knife bootstrap f.q.d.n-host -P password -x ubuntu --sudo -N nodename
  4. knife node edit nodename
  5. Enter this in the runlist: "recipe[upgrade]"
  6. knife ssh f.q.d.n -i /path/to/key -x ubuntu -m "sudo chef-client"
  7. knife node edit nodename
  8. Remove the recipe[upgrade] from runlist and add "recipe[baseos]", "recipe[container-orchestration]"
  9. knife ssh f.q.d.n -i /path/to/key/ -x ubuntu -m "sudo chef-client"
  10. knife ssh f.q.d.n -i /path/to/key -x ubuntu -m "sudo reboot"
  11. At this point you can ssh into the container and prepare a template contaienr from scratch or place an already prepared one. Or even use knife ssh to perform these things.
  12. Eg. Creating the template. knife ssh f.q.d.n -i /path/to/key -x ubuntu -m "lxc-create -t download -n type -- -d ubuntu -r trusty -a amd64"
  13. You can either check if the container starts well at this point. or even skip this step.
  14. For now, you can start the container as, knife ssh f.q.d.n -i /path/to/the/key -x ubuntu -m "containerize "
  15. Destroy the container: knife ssh f.q.d.n -i /path/to/the/key -x ubuntu -m "decontainerize "


  1. Write ruby scripts for starting the contianer.
  2. Take arguments from a YAML file.


These cookbooks requires Ubuntu-14.04. If you are on Amazon EC2, Using ami-7050ae18 is recommended.



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