Sudoku solver in Unicon

License: WTFPL

Language: Makefile


For this assignment I am going to write a Sudoku solver in Unicon that uses
recursion, generators, or both to find its solution(s).

The input to the program will be a file file name, given on the command line,
and the program will read its first command line argument, open it, and read in
9 lines, each of which contains 9 values specified by one character each,
seperated by 8 spaces. The values will be ASCII digits 1-9 or an underscore '_'
to indicate an empty position.

Your solution should be written to standard output in the same format as the
input data file, with the underscores replaced by digits.


Just run the `make` command.


Now run it!

$ ./hw2


Written on 6 October 2014

Licensed under the WTF Public License.

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