Mikael Møller Mikael Møller

Tracking 80 commits to 17 open source projects

Homepage: mikael.hm

Company: Litepoint Inc.

Location: Mountain View, CA


CSS - MIT - Last pushed - 0 stars
Angular directive countdown timer, build on moment.js
MIT - Last pushed - 1 stars
This is a set of LaTeX math symbols, for writing transition arrows of modal transition systems in...
Last pushed - 3 stars
An Android application for counting and measure timing of labour contractions.
JavaScript - Last pushed - 1 stars
Last pushed - 0 stars
Updated - 0 stars
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Repositories Contributed To

The first back-end framework specially designed for single-page web applications
JavaScript - MIT - Last pushed - 1.02K stars - 79 forks
JSLint error reports for your Atom editor
CoffeeScript - MIT - Last pushed - 9 stars - 6 forks
Simple DB Fixtures for Sails.js
JavaScript - MIT - Last pushed - 86 stars - 31 forks
Use mailgun Email Validation API to validate email addresses
JavaScript - MIT - Last pushed - 32 stars - 4 forks
Generate Express API endpoints using your program's directory structure
JavaScript - MIT - Last pushed - 10 stars - 4 forks
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Most Used Projects

Make any Node ReadableStream emit "keypress" events
Latest release 0.2.1 - Updated - 271 stars
The JavaScript Robotics and Hardware Programming Framework. Use with: Arduino (all models), Elect...
Latest release 0.14.1 - Updated - 8.7K stars
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