VATSIM SSO auth packaged for Laravel

License: MIT

Language: PHP

VATSIM SSO (for Laravel)

This is the VATSIM SSO package, built specifically for Laravel applications.

If you are looking for a platform agnostic version, please check https://github.com/mikedugan/sso


  • PHP >= 5.4.0
  • Illuminate/Support (packaged with Laravel)
  • Additional yet unidentified Laravel dependencies. This package was bundled and tested on Laravel 4.2


composer require mikedugan/sso-laravel dev-master
php artisan config:publish mikedugan/sso-laravel

Add 'Mikedugan\Sso\SsoServiceProvider' to your app.php service providers array If you would like to use the facade, add the following line to your aliases array: 'Sso' => 'Mikedugan\Sso\SsoFacade'

Be sure to modify the contents of app/config/packages/mikedugan/sso-laravel/sso.php to match your credentials.

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