πŸ‘‹ (Universal) Streaming Fetch HTTP Client Powered by ReactiveX (RxJS)

License: ISC

Language: TypeScript

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πŸ‘‹ RxHttp

HTTP (fetch) Client for TypeScript that supports real-time JSON streams and good ol' fashioned request/response. Powered by RxJS. Requests are automatically retried indefinitely and optimized (staggererd) for high-load use-cases. Retries can be transparent to your implementation. By default, the observable will give you data whenever the request succeeds.


Fetch is the most modern API for making http requests (both long lived (streams) and traditional (simple). JSON is the best way to communicate with back end services. And RxJS is the best API for building, chaining, and consuming asyncronous requests. So, RxHttp was created! It is the back end for rxcouch, the dopest client and server side library for interacting with CouchDB.


πŸ“€ Universal -- Works on both NodeJS and Browser

🌊 Real-time -- Long-lived real-time JSON streams (ReadableStream in Browser, Buffer in NodeJS)

πŸ’ͺ TypeScript first -- Typed responses

πŸ†˜ Simple lifecycle -- Simple request lifecycle uses Observable callback functions (next, error, and complete)


npm install @mkeen/rxhttp

Generate Docs

yarn run doc

Streaming Request Example

import { HttpRequest,                                           // Base class you'll interact with
FetchBehavior                                                   // Toggle simple (req/response) vs stream
} from '@mkeen/rxhttp';               

interface Person {
  name: string;
  email: string;

// This endpoint sends a `Person` and then stays open, and then sends a new `Person` every second.
let personRequest = new HttpRequest<Person>(                   // When you initialize the class, you can
  'https://localhost/person', {                                // specify a type for replies and stream frames
    method: 'POST',                                            // Method Default: 'GET'
    body: JSON.stringify({                                     // Body Default: `undefined`, not required
      'id': 1
  },                                      // Behavior Default: simple
  (incoming_data: Person) => {                                 // Normal request response or stream frame
    console.log('got person: ', incoming_data);
  (error: any) => {                                            // Error will be an http error code
    console.error('connection issue');
  () => {                                                      // When request completes (conneciton closes)
    console.log('connection closed');

setTimeout(() => {
  personRequest.reconfigure('https://localhost/person', {      // Changes request configuration (connection closes)
    method: 'POST',                                            // but all data continues flowing to the original
    body: JSON.stringify({                                     // `observer`.
      id: 2

}, 2000)

// Output:
got person: , {id: 1 ...                                       // Initial response frame
got person: , {id: 1 ...
got person: , {id: 1 ...
got person: , {id: 2 ...                                       // Reconfigure has been run
got person: , {id: 2 ...
got person: , {id: 2 ...
got person: , {id: 2 ...
got person: , {id: 2 ...
got person: , {id: 2 ...

Simple (Request/Response) Request Example

import { HttpRequest } from '@mkeen/rxhttp';

// This endpoint returns some json object
new HttpRequest<any>(
  'https://localhost/simple', {
    method: 'GET'
  (incoming_data: any) => console.log('received response, connection closed', incoming_data);

// Output:
received response, connection closed , {...}


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