An attempt at preserving the codebase of the MultiAuth extension of Mediawiki

License: GPL-3.0

Language: PHP

Disclaimer (08.02.2015)

This repository was set up to try to save the source code of the Mediawiki MultiAuthPlugin extension.

Since the original source code repository was already offline before I created this repo, I pulled the code from a copy I happened to have in production. Unfortunately, I had modified the code somewhat to serve my needs in production (Nothing serious, just some customization.)

I tried to revert the code to the way it was before my changes. However, I can't guarantee that I have found and reverted all of my changes. If you're curious about what sort of changes I did, you can check out the first few commits of this repo to see what I reverted.

This version has been imortalized in the v1.4 branch.

I have since made some changes to the code to allow it to work on modern Mediawiki versions. With these changes, I have targetted Mediawiki 1.24. In doing so, I have broken compatibility with some older versions of Mediawiki.

This extension should still be considered unmaintained. I have no intention to become the maintainer of this extension, and I'm not even sure that the extension should be used or considered secure in modern versions of Mediawiki. I just thought it was a shame that the original SVN repo went offline.

MediaWiki MultiAuthPlugin v1.4.0 (05.01.2012)

0. Quick usage

The 'MultiAuthPlugin/' folder should be placed under the 'wiki/extensions/' directory.

The plugin can be activated by putting the following lines at the end of the 'wiki/LocalSettings.php'

if (!$wgCommandLineMode) {

To activate the debug log capability you have to make the 'log/' directory writeable by the web server and create a 'log/debug.log' file - also writeable by the web server.

1. Introduction

At the Regional Computing Centre Erlangen (RRZE) we use the popular MediaWiki software ( in many projects for documentation and publication purposes.

With the development of a Single Sign On infrastructure based on SimpleSAMLphp and Shibboleth we needed to make MediaWiki SSO capable in a flexible and easily configurable way. We are aware that there are already extensions out there providing simple SSO capabilities, but we wanted more.

So we started developing the MediaWiki MultiAuthPlugin with the goal to provide a single plugin to manage all possible authentication scenarios with one single extension -- for example local authentication via original MediaWiki login dialog (as fallback), SSO via Shibboleth, SSO via SimpleSAMLphp, and so on.

2. Requirements

The MediaWiki MultiAuthPlugin v1.4.0 was developed and tested using MediaWiki v1.18.0 and SimpleSamlPHP v1.8.0. So it should be working flawlessly with these versions.

3. Features

The MultiAuthPlugin hacks into MW's UserLoadFromSession Hook and replaces the global $wgAuth authentication instance to take complete control of the user authentication.

In addition the extension also installs two new special pages to replace the original login/logout special pages. This way the user can choose how he would like to authenticate from the configured methods.

The plugin allows you to - use local MW authentication in parallel with external authentication - completely forbid local authentication - if desired - configure an external authentication library for SSO Currently one of {Shibboleth, SimpleSAMLphp} or both is possible - auto-create local user accounts if authenticated externally - auto-update changed user preferences in local user accounts if authenticated externally - send e-mail notification about auto-created users to a configurable e-mail address

If you make the log/ directory writeable the extension also provides a debug.log file to help you identify possible errors.

4. Notes

There are some localisation issues known. At the moment the MultiAuthPlugin calls MessageCache->recache() once per call which is less than ideal for performance reasons. If someone can provide a fix for this you would be very welcome to let me know ;)

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