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The project is maintained by a non-profit organisation called the Ghost Foundation, along with an amazing group of independent contributors. We're trying to make publishing software that changes the shape of online journalism.

NOTE: If you’re stuck, can’t get something working or need some help, please head on over and join our Slack community rather than opening an issue.


Ghost 1.0-alpha Developer Install

Please note: These are the install instructions for Ghost 1.0-alpha, which is not stable. If you're looking for the latest release of Ghost, check out the stable branch or the latest release. If you get stuck, come say hi over on slack!

Important: Ghost uses yarn rather than npm to manage it's dependencies. Ensure that you have it installed and you have configured your PATH environment variable for it to work correctly. We recommend the "Installation Script" instructions because it works better with nvm but choose the best option for your development setup.

Install and run Ghost.

git clone ghost
    Download the Ghost code base
npm run init
    Short command for: yarn global add knex-migrator ember-cli grunt-cli && yarn install && grunt symlink && grunt init
knex-migrator init
    Creates and initialises your database
grunt dev
    Starts the express server and ember build

Run server tests

grunt test-all

Run client tests

cd core/client
ember test

Read more about the development workflows.

Deploying Ghost


The easiest way to deploy Ghost is with our official Ghost(Pro) managed service. You can have a fresh instance up and running in a couple of clicks with a worldwide CDN, backups, security and maintenance all done for you.

Not only will it save you many hours per month, but all revenue goes to the Ghost Foundation, which funds the maintenance and further development of Ghost itself. So you’ll be supporting open source software and getting a great service at the same time! Talk about win/win. 🏆

Other options are also available if you prefer playing around with servers by yourself, of course. The freedom of choice is in your hands.


Staying Up to Date

When a new version of Ghost comes out, you'll want to look over these upgrade instructions for what to do next.

You can talk to other Ghost users and developers in our public Slack team (it's pretty awesome). We have a public meeting every Tuesday at 5:30pm UK time.

New releases are announced on the dev blog. You can subscribe by email or follow @TryGhost_Dev on Twitter, if you prefer your updates bite-sized and facetious. 🎷🐢


Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2013-2017 Ghost Foundation - Released under the MIT license.

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