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A curated list of awesome iOS, MAC OSX, tvOS, watchOS, Apple stocks, investments news and much more.

Every week list will be divided into categories such as develoment, business related announcements from Apple and others. In each category, the order is for contribution. If you want to contribute, please read the guide.

List will contain weekly news and previous weeks' table.

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News & Blog posts from current week:

Related development for Apple products:

  • WWDC 2016 Viewing Guide - Keith Harrison prepared a guide to must watch sessions for iOS in WWDC 2016.

  • GraphQL for iOS Developers - Orta Therox wrote in Artsy blog about Facebook's API technology GraphQL. He explains the advantages of using GraphQL in their iOS projects.

Business news, announcements from Apple:

Previous week

Development related posts for Apple products:

  • What's New in iOS 10 - Apple publishes article to summarize the key developer-related features introduced in iOS 10. This article also lists the documents that describe new features in more detail. 🔶 🔷 📱

  • Objecite-C Class Properties - Andrew Madsen wrote a blog post about Objective-C Class properties and use cases which came with iOS 10/macOS 10.12. 🔷

  • Do pure Swift objects have load() method? - Maciej Piotrowski investigated pure swift objects with unit tests and found that pure Swift objects don't have load method. 🔶

  • Xcode Extensions - Russ Bishop explains XcodeKit and Source Editor Extensions that supported in Xcode 8 with official extension API. 🖥

  • Swift Talk - Swift Talk is announced by editors. It has $9 monthly subscription fee. They will talk about solutions to problems they found while building Swift projects and publish videos every week. 🔶

  • The A5 is Dead(almost) - Jesse Squires wrote a blog post about devices which have A5 chips. iOS 10 won't support these devices contrary to iOS 9.

  • WWDC 2016 Videos - All videos of sessions in WWDC 2016.

  • Messages Framework - With iOS10, users are going to have much more power with Messages framework. Users should be able to create sticker packs and iMessages apps with app extensions. 🔶 🔷

  • UserNotifications Framework - UserNotifications Framework helps developers to implement richer local and remote notifications. With this frameworks developers can modify local and remote notifications when they are delivered to the user's device. 🔶 🔷

  • UIViewPropertyAnimator comes with iOS 10 - Until iOS10, performing gesture-based and interruptible animations on iOS was a pain. UIViewPropertyAnimator lets you animate changes to views and dynamically modify your animations before they finish. 🔶 🔷

  • Apple opens SiriKit - Apple will be opening up Siri to third-party developers through an API, giving outside apps the ability to activate from Siri's voice commands. 🔶 🔷

  • Swift 3.0 Preview 1 Released - Apple releases Developer Preview for Swift 3.0. This release includes 41 implemented proposals and Swift Package Manager. Also this relase is not backward compatible with Swift 2.2.1. 🔶

  • Swift 3.0 Migration Guide - Xcode 8 comes with the Swift Migrator which helps to migrate code to Swift 3.0 or update it to work with Swift 2.3 and new SDKs. 🔶

  • Swift 2.3 announcement - Swift team announces Swift 2.3. This is a minor update from Swift 2.2.1. Swift 2.3 is available as part of Xcode 8. 🔶

  • iOS 10.0 API Diffs - Apple announces iOS 10.0 API. This guide shows the differences between iOS 9.3 API and iOS 10.0 API both languages in Objective-C and Swift. 🔶 🔷

  • New App Store Review Guidelines - Apple has rewritten and announced the App Review Guidelines.

Business news, announcements from Apple:

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