Examples for creating OpenWrt programs&packages.

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This project contains mutliple examples to show how to package an application for LEDE. The examples were tested with the LEDE-17.01 release.

Feel free to submit new examples and fix errors! :-)


  • dummy daemon written C that forks into background and exits after some (configurable) time.
  • the following files will be installed:
    • /usr/bin/example1
    • /etc/config/example1
    • /etc/init.d/example1
  • cmake build system
  • source code is part of the package


  • dummy program written in C that just prints out a message
  • the following files will be installed:
    • /usr/bin/example2
  • make build system
  • source code is part of the package
  • package let you select features called "foo" and "bar"

These examples are licensed under CC0-1.0 / placed into Public Domain.

Official OpenWrt/LEDE packages can be found here and are a good reference:

Build Images and Packages

These are the instructions to build an image for your router including the example applications:

git clone git://
cd source

./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a

git clone
cp -rf lede-examples/example* package/
rm -rf lede-examples/

make defconfig
make menuconfig

Now select the right "Target System" and "Target Profile" for your target device. Also select the examples you like to build:

  • "Utilities" => "example1"
  • "Network" => "VPN" => "example2"

Packages are selected when there is a <*> in front of the name (hit the sapce bar twice).

Finally - build the image:


You can now flash your router using the correct image file inside ./bin/targets/. The images usually contain all build packages already. The single *.ipk packages are located in ./bin/packages, in case you want to install them on other devices.

To install/update a package, transfer the ipk file to your target device to /tmp/ using scp. The package can then be installed calling e.g. opkg install myapp-0.1-1.ipk.

Install/Test Packages

To test your program you need to login into your router (telnet or ssh).

  • example1: You can execute example1 or /etc/init.d/example1 start on the console. The application will show a short message before it disconnects from the console and runs for some seconds as background process before it exits. The duration can be configured in /etc/config/example1.

  • example2: example2on the console will just start that program.

Use Remote Source Location

This is the most common package configuration. The source code is downloaded as a compressed file from somewhere on the Internet.

First part of an example package Makefile:

include $(TOPDIR)/

PKG_MAINTAINER:=Daniel Engberg <>


The source code can also be checked out from a remote git repository by branch, tag or commit id:

First part of an example package Makefile:

include $(TOPDIR)/




PKG_REV can be a branch name or commit id (sha1 hash).

Use Local Source Location

For development purposes, it is often useful to specify a local repository on the same computer to apply new commits and build new images/packages without much hassle.

  1. Create a soft link called git-src in the same folder of your package Makefile. I needs to point to the .git folder of your local repository checkout.
ln -s /my/own/project/repo/example3/.git lede/package/example3/git-src
  1. Call make menuconfig in your lede folder and enable this feature:
"Advanced configuration options (for developers)" => "Enable package source tree override"
  1. In your git repository folder, create new commits and then rebuild your package in the lede folder:
make package/example3/{clean,compile} V=s
  1. Your package should now appear in bin/packages/.

Be aware that changes will only be included in the paclahe when they were inside a commit!

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