A Vagrantfile for running Go VMs

License: BSD-2-Clause

Keywords: freebsd, golang, linux, solaris, vagrantfile, virtualbox

Vagrant Gopher

A Vagrantfile for running Go VMs (Linux and BSD). While cross-compilation works great in Go, having actual VMs can be useful to run tests or debug programs under other operating systems.


Vagrant, VirtualBox and a Go workspace.


Copy this Vagrantfile to src/Vagrantfile:

src:~$ curl -O

Then run vagrant up from any subfolder.

This will mount your src folder as a shared folder inside the Linux/BSD VMs, while creating new bin/pkg folders to avoid collisions (particularly bin).

Use vagrant ssh linux or vagrant ssh bsd to login and look around, or run a single command like vagrant ssh linux -c 'go help'.

You will likely need to change directories. CDPATH is configured for the major source code hosts to save a few keystrokes, eg.

vagrant ssh linux -c 'cd nathany/looper; go test ./...'

Use vagrant halt to shutdown or vagrant destroy to free up disk space.

See the Vagrant Command Line documentation for details.


  • Currently this shares the src/ folder into $HOME/src on the virtual machine ($HOME/go/src did not work).
  • It would be nice to have a wrapper/plugin around the ssh command that runs commands based on the current folder.
  • Shared folders aren't compatible with tools that watch files inside the VM using fsnotify.
  • 64-bit boxes are used to support the Go race detector.
  • The BSD box does not support Windows hosts.

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