THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL AND UNDER ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT!! amp-story is an extension to AMP that enables a new format for storytelling. See for further details. Spec is subject to change and there will be bugs; please help by filing issues.

License: Apache-2.0

Language: JavaScript


AMP HTML is a way to build web pages that render with reliable and fast performance. It is our attempt at fixing what many perceive as painfully slow page load times – especially when reading content on the mobile web. AMP HTML is built on existing web technologies; an AMP page will load (quickly) in any modern browser.

You can learn more at including what AMP is, how it works and the importance of validation in AMP. You can also walk through creating an AMP page and read through the reference docs.

We'd ❤️️ your help making AMP better!

There are a lot of ways you can contribute to making AMP better! You can report bugs and feature requests or ideally become an ongoing participant in the AMP Project community and contribute code to the open source project.

We enthusiastically welcome new contributors to the AMP Project even if you have no experience being part of an open source project. We've got some tips for new contributors and guides to getting started (both a detailed version and a TL;DR).

If you're new here, sign up for our Slack and say "Hi!" in the appropriately named #welcome-contributors channel.

Further reading

If you are creating AMP pages, check out the docs on and samples on



Technical specifications:

Who makes AMP HTML?

AMP HTML is made by the AMP Project. If you're a contributor to the open source community this includes you!

Security disclosures

The AMP Project accepts responsible security disclosures through the Google Application Security program.

Code of conduct

The AMP Project strives for a positive and growing project community that provides a safe environment for everyone. All members, committers and volunteers in the community are required to act according to the code of conduct.


AMP HTML is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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