Jenkins Global Library Example with Unit tests

Language: Groovy

Keywords: ci-cd, jenkins-ci, jenkins-global-library, jenkins-pipeline, jenkinsfile

Jenkins Shared Library Example

This repository contains examples of a Jenkins Shared/Global Library with Unit tests.

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  • Gradle for dependency management and test configuration (using shared-libraries-gradle-plugin)
  • IDE support for IntelliJ (Project detection + Auto-Completion)
  • Unit tests with JenkinsPipelineUnit


Using Jenkins and writing pipeline-as-code is very powerful but can get pretty complex. To speed up the development cycle this example uses JenkinsPipelineUnit, which lets you write unit tests on the configuration and conditional logic of the pipeline code, by providing a mock execution of the pipeline. You can mock built-in Jenkins commands, job configurations, see the stacktrace of the whole execution and even track regressions.

Run the tests with the following command:

gradle test

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