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infra.git repository

Welcome to the Chrome Infra repository!

Wondering where to start? Check out General Chrome Infrastructure documentation. The rest of this page is specific to this repo.

Entry points

  • wrapper script to run programs contained in subdirectories without having to deal with sys.path modifications.
  • multi-purpose script to run tests.
  • infra_libs/: generally useful functions and classes
  • infra/services/: standalone programs intended to be run as daemons.
  • infra/tools: command-line tools, intended to be run by developers.
  • appengine/: many Chrome-infra-managed AppEngine applications
  • infra/experimental: for, well, experimental stuff. Once they are stabilized and reviewed, they should be moved in a more permanent place.

Miscellaneous technical stuff

  • bootstrap/: utilities to set up a proper Python virtual environment.
  • infra/path_hacks: submodules of this modules give access to modules in the build/ repository. from infra.path_hacks.common import <stg> is actually getting <stg> from build/scripts/common.
  • utils/: purpose? utils?

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