Launch Hackathon - San Francisco

Language: Objective-C


Launch Hackathon

Ordrin API keys: public: U-o5Jb1VJ6Odx4Z8qEU3EGt3_xCrO7G2gfZBdsKysEA secret: b6MDqRkxBDZs6l9ArgOZEdb0ifbYobSUXlzdX4hRi5M

Yelp API Keys: Consumer Key hZYNzSXdlHrUwAJP933sJQ Consumer Secret giNKpzUwVQxI8ijEDjvq1N9IpDw Token nrjOX80WLa5HLTC644UzJaSTiI3yT2LE Token Secret OdwnM8F3JE0A11-VkKOMbx-Y67U

MailGun API Keys API URL : API Key : key-7qu7x28lo9zcdun2gw51r2fq5qi37no7

Things to do before demo

iOS app:

  • set up testflight
  • mechanism to 'here's how you get an invite'
  • finalize app name
  • screenshots or check how iOS demos are done at angelhack


  • send email if registration in bad area or order in bad area or any sort of issue (not available yet in your area)
  • ordering actually works
  • buy domain X

Front-end: AMK prettier landing page (copy, css)

  • fix css border shadow
  • include images at bottom
  • include second call to action
  • pre-filled registration page
  • thank you for registering page maybe:
  • order page
  • validation at various stages
  • 'not yet in your area' message

Demo: x pick a domain

  • hook up domain to heroku
  • register on or whatever they want JESSE buy 'easy' button
  • make sure all pages are polished and we have a script
  • order food to arrive
  • get 'easy' button

tools to use:

Things we need to know about the user to register

Combined List:

  • email
  • password
  • first name, last name
  • phone #


  • number,
  • cvc
  • m/y expiry
  • billing address (infer type, phone #, name on card)


place order:

  • email
  • password (sha, api explorer)
  • first name, last name
  • card nickname (we should just use one)
  • phone #

create account (

  • email
  • password
  • first_name
  • last_name

add credit card (

  • nick (we'll just use the same one everywhere, don't ask user)
  • number (15 or 16 digits)
  • cvc (3/4 digit code)
  • mm/YYYY expiry
  • type (we can infer, jeezus)
  • billing address
  • name on card
  • bill state
  • bill zip
  • bill phone # (probably use same)

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