automatically link cloud folders

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A cli tool to help create symlinks from your synced cloud directory to various locations

Common use cases:

  • config files
  • game saves
  • projects folder


As cli tool

$ [sudo] npm install cloud-link -g


$ [sudo] npm install cloud-link




$  cloud-link 0.0.0 - automatically link cloud folders

     cloud-link <command> [options]


     add <name> [src] <dest>      Add a new link                          
     apply [names...]             Apply all existing links                
     clean                        Delete all configured links             
     clear                        Clear the path to cloud folder          
     info                         Print the cloud link configuration      
     init <path>                  Set the path to the cloud folder        
     initialized                  Check if this computer was initialized  
     list                         List configured links                   
     remove <name>                Remove a link                           
     status [names...]            Show the link status of configured links
     help <command>               Display help for a specific command     


     -h, --help         Display help                                      
     -V, --version      Display version                                   
     --no-color         Disable colors                                    
     --quiet            Quiet mode - only displays warn and error messages
     -v, --verbose      Verbose mode - will also output debug messages    


This module is exported as cloud-link and as clink.

Getting started

First you need to indicate where your cloud folder is.

cloud-link init ~/Google Drive

Then add links with the add command

cloud-link add hyper .hyper.js ~/.hyper.js

This will create a symlink between the file in your cloud folder and the given destination

See all links with

cloud-link list


Most actions overwrite files, so make sure that you provide the right path


MIT © Noam Okman

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