Web monitoring for boss daemons

Language: JavaScript


A web interface for the boss node.js process manager.

Memory usage and per-core CPU load:


Process usage graphs including heap size, resident set size, CPU, etc.


See stack traces for the uncaught exceptions that took your app down


Live logs for your process



  1. Boss installed on one or more servers
  2. A modern web browser


$ npm install -g boss-web


Here $CONFIG_DIR is /etc/boss if you are root or $HOME/.config/boss if you are not.

Unless you want it to listen on privileged ports (e.g. 80 or 443), you do not need to be root to run boss-web.

Step 1. Create a user to log in as

$ bs-web useradd alex

Step 2. On the machine Boss is running on, obtain the host config

$ sudo bs remoteconfig

Add the following to your bossweb-hosts file:

  host = foo.bar.com
  port = 57483
  user = root
  secret = ZD57XFx6sBz....

Create a file named $CONFIG_DIR/bossweb-hosts with the output from the remoteconfig command.

Step 3. Still on the Boss machine, add a remote user

$ sudo bs useradd alex

  secret = LsYd5UaH...

The file $CONFIG_DIR/bossweb-users should have been created during step 1 - open it and add the output from useradd.

Step 3a. Optionally override which user you connect as

If you wish to log in to boss-web as alex, but need to administer a process running on a remote host as alan, you can override the user you connect to a given server in $CONFIG_DIR/bossweb-users:

  user = alan
  secret = LsYd5UaH...

Step 4. Start boss-web

$ bs-web

Running boss-web with boss

Ouroboros style:

$ bs start /usr/local/lib/node_modules/boss-web

Every time I restart boss-web I have to re-accept a self-signed certificate!

Let's Encrypt still future tech? Generate a 30 day self-signed certificate with:

$ bs-web genssl 30

If the number of days is omitted it defaults to one year.

Alternatively if you've bought an SSL certificate, configure boss-web according to the comments in the [https] section of the default configuration file.

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