Mongoose plugin to seed your models

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Mongoose plugin to seed your models

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This module will seed your Mongoose models while using dependency management between them. It will empty the collection and create the new given data.

To use:

  1. npm install --save mongoose-plugin-seed
  2. Use the plugin in the desired Models with given seed data
  3. Call seed


const addSeed = require('mongoose-plugin-seed').addSeed;
const mongooseSeed = require('mongoose-plugin-seed').seed;

// Define Schemas
var UserSchema = new Schema({...});
var RoleSchema = new Schema({...});

// Define Models
var User = mongoose.model('User', UserSchema);
var Role = mongoose.model('Role', RoleSchema);

// Define the seed with dependency to roles
addSeed(User, {
    dependencies: [Role],
    seed: function (roles) {
      return [{
        username: "foo",
        password: "123",
        roles: roles[0]
      }, {
        username: "bar",
        password: "321",
        roles: roles[1]

// Define roles seed
addSeed(Role, {
    seed: function () {
      return [{
        name: "admin"
      }, {
        name: "user"

// Seed!
  .then(function () {



var addSeed = require('mongoose-plugin-seed').addSeed;
addSeed(Model, options);
  • Model - The mongoose model to seed

The plugin uses the following options:

  • seed - function that returns the seed data (using required dependencies)
  • dependencies (optional) - dependencies to seed the data
  • drop (default=false) - should drop existing collection instead of removing all documents


var createSeedModel = require('mongoose-plugin-seed').createSeedModel;
createSeedModel(name, Schema, options);
  • name - The name to give to the mongoose model
  • Schema - The mongoose schema to create and seed
  • options - Same options as the addSeed API

This function returns the created model. It is just a short for

var Model = mongoose.model(name, Schema);
addSeed(Model, options);


var mongooseSeed = require('mongoose-plugin-seed').seed;

The function seeds all the data in the correct order. Returns a Promise.

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