同文安卓輸入法平臺3.x/Android-rime/Rime Input Method Engine for Android


License: GPL-3.0

Language: Java

Keywords: android, chinese, ime, jni, opencc, rime


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===== 源於開源的注音倉頡輸入法前端, 基於著名的Rime輸入法框架, 使用JNI的C語言和安卓的java語言書寫, 旨在保護漢語各地方言母語, 音碼形碼通用的輸入法平臺。



  • 最初,輸入法是寫給泰如拼音(thae5 rv2)的,中文名爲“泰如輸入法”。
  • 然後,添加了吳語等方言碼表,做成了一個輸入法平臺,更名爲“漢字方言輸入法”。
  • 後來,兼容了五筆、兩筆等形碼,在太空衛士、徵羽的建議下,更名爲“同文輸入法平臺2.x”。寓意音碼形碼同臺,方言官話同文。
  • 之後,藉助JNI技術,享受了librime的成果,升級爲“同文輸入法平臺3.x”,簡稱“同文輸入法”。
  • 所以,TRIME是Tongwen RIME或是ThaeRvInputMEthod的縮寫。


Clone the project, pay attention it costs long time to clone the project. You should wait a long time to complete, and make sure your disk is big enough to hold the source. Especially the boost repository, you can change hosts to speed the procedure (search hosts in github).

cd $your_folder
git clone --recursive https://github.com/osfans/trime.git

Now you can build apk(recommended):

cd $trime_folder
make release

This will just compile android java file and pack the newer resource file.

librime.so and librime_jni.so will be uploaded by us regularly, and you won't worry about the outdated *so files.

If you want compile the librime.so and librime_jni.so or the source code under the 'jni' folder changed by upstream, you can use:

cd $trime_folder
make release

And read the guide by different platform to build the *.so files.

  • Arch Linux

     yaourt -S android-{ndk,sdk,sdk-build-tools,sdk-platform-tools,platform} gradle
     make release
  • Other Linux distributions

    Use the package manager to install the dev environment and Android SDK NDK.

  • Windows Msys2

    I'm try to build it and someone can improve this guide.

  • macOS

    Install Android SDK and NDK (You'd better install it by Android Studio or manually instead of by Homebrew).

    Install Homebrew and setting USTC mirror(Optional) of it.

    Install the basic dev environment and use brew to install others (Set the mirror can speed up installation).

     brew install automake cmake opencc boost python gradle

    Setting the environment in ~/.bashrc if you use bash like this

     # Android
     export ANDROID_HOME="your_android_sdk"
     export ANDROID_NDK="your_android_ndk"
     export PATH=${PATH}:$ANDROID_HOME/tools:$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools:$ANDROID_NDK

    Set the boost header folder

     cd $trime_folder/jni/include
     ln -s $your_folder_boost boost

    (Optional)Set the libreadline.dylib

    If you have the libreadline problem in make process, you should make a soft link to your local libreadline.dylib and google it.

    After the project is ready go to the folder and build it yourself.

     cd $trime_folder
     make release

    If you have any problems, you can make [issues] (https://github.com/osfans/trime/issues) or go to forum.

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