Paperwork - OpenSource note-taking & archiving alternative to Evernote, Microsoft OneNote & Google Keep

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Paperwork - OpenSource note-taking & archiving

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Paperwork aims to be an open-source, self-hosted alternative to services like Evernote ®, Microsoft OneNote ® or Google Keep ®.

Paperwork is written in PHP, utilising the beautiful Laravel 4 framework. It provides a modern web UI, built on top of AngularJS & Bootstrap 3, as well as an open API for third party integration.

For the back-end part a MySQL database stores everything. With such common requirements (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Paperwork will be able to run not only on dedicated servers, but also on small to mid-size NAS devices (Synology ®, QNAP ®, etc.).

Demo (not yet)

At a demonstration of Paperwork was available. However, this has been disabled due to a lack of sponsorship. We understand this is not ideal but, hopefully, the matter will be resolved soon in order to be able to offer the demo again.

If you really want to experience what Paperwork is, you can try a demo running a port of Paperwork built for Please note that is by no means related to or endorsed by Paperwork and that this demo is not under the control of any of Paperwork's active contributors. This demo can be accessed from this link. Note: This demo does not run the latest version of Paperwork and some features may be disabled. Thank you to the community for providing this demo to us.

Getting Started

Ready to install? See the Wiki for a full list of instructions, FAQ and more!

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