Everything you (n)ever wanted to know about touch and pointer events

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Getting touchy

Everything you (n)ever wanted to know about touch and pointer events

Beyond smartphones and tablets, touchscreens are finding their way into laptops and even desktop computers. With hardware support for touch becoming increasingly ubiquitous, it's time to explore what new possibilities are available to developers. This session will cover the basics of handling touch events - from making sure simple single-tap interactions are as responsive as possible, all the way to examples of full multitouch, gesture-enabled elements.

Repository structure

  • gh-pages contains the "evergreen" version of this presentation – a fairly complete/up-to-date brain-dump of all things relating to touch/pointer events
  • individual workshops/conference talks which use a shortened or adapted version of these slides live in their own separate branches – these are usually left dangling/unmerged

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