Run Meteor applications on Linux servers with Ansible.

License: GPL-3.0

Meteor Ansible Scripts

This repository contains Ansible-based tools for:

  • Provisioning GNU+Linux-based servers with dependencies needed to run Meteor.
  • Building and running a Meteor application on a set of servers.


  • Install Ansible.
  • Install Ansible dependencies:
    • ansible-galaxy install carlos.acp.meteor
    • ansible-galaxy install geerlingguy.nodejs
  • Clone this repository.


  • Copy hosts.example to hosts, and create records of all servers to which your Meteor app should be deployed.
  • Copy config.yml.example to config.yml, and adust the following values:
    • meteor_project_git
    • meteor_project_version
    • meteor_version


  • To provision a server, run: ansible-playbook -i hosts tasks/provision.yml
  • To deploy the Meteor app specified in vars/main.yml, run: ansible-playbook -i hosts tasks/deploy.yml
  • To start your deployed Meteor application, run: ansible-playbook -i hosts tasks/run.yml

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