A fancy test runner for tasty and support for golden tests.

License: MIT

Language: Haskell

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Tasty Silver

This package provides support for «golden testing».

A golden test is an IO action that writes its result to a file. To pass the test, this output file should be identical to the corresponding «golden» file, which contains the correct result for the test.

Interactive Mode

If the test runner is called with the -i option, the diff of any failing golden test is shown to the user. Based upon this diff, the user can choose to update the golden standard or to fix the test case as necessary. Interactive mode requires that at least git diff and less is available, or preferrably wdiff and colordiff for character-based diffs.


For a non-trivial example see the Agda tests, which is used for testing the Agda compiler.


Philipp Hausmann is the primary maintainer.

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This package provides a fancy test runner and support for «golden testing». A golden test is an I...
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