License: Apache-2.0

Language: Go


Initialize project (github + heroku)

github (already create a project on github)

$ PROJ="etcd"
$ git clone git@github.com:pigfoot/${PROJ}.git
$ git add README.md
$ git commit -m 'Initial commit with README'
$ git push -u origin master

Create template service

$ go get -u github.com/kr/godep
$ go get -u github.com/gin-gonic/gin
$ cat << EOF > server.go
package main

import (

func main() {
    r := gin.Default()
    r.GET("/ping", func(c *gin.Context) {
      c.String(200, "pong\n")

    // Listen and server on
    port := "8080"
    if os.Getenv("PORT") != "" {
        port = os.Getenv("PORT")
$ gofmt -w server.go


$ PROJ="etcd"
$ heroku apps:create -b https://github.com/kr/heroku-buildpack-go.git ${PROJ}
$ echo "github.com/pigfoot/${PROJ}" > .godir
$ echo "web: ${PROJ} -port=\$PORT" > Procfile
$ git commit -am "Set up heroku enviornment"
$ git push origin master
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku logs --tail
$ curl http://${PROJ}.herokuapp.com/ping

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