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This is a Form Handler implementation which I used in combination with the Symfony Form component.

Click here to go to the blog post I wrote about the form handler.


Implement the FormHandlerInterface OR extend the AbstractFormHandler and implement the postProcess method.

You can use a try/catch to catch validation exceptions.


public function anActionInAController(Request $request)
    $formHandler = new MyFancyFormHandler($formFactory, $form);

    $form = $formHandler->form();

    if ($request->isMethod('POST') {
        try {
            $formHandler->process($form, $request);
        } catch (ValidationException $e) {
            // Do something with the validation... or not ;-) (and render the page including the validation errors)

    return $this->render('my_view.html.twig', ['form' => $form->createView()]);

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A Form Handler implementation for the Symfony Form Component
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