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System76 Pop icon theme for Linux

License: CC-BY-SA-4.0

Language: Shell

Pop is a free and open source SVG icon theme for Linux, based on Paper Icon Set and Papirus.


Ubuntu and derivatives

You can install Pop from our official PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:system76-dev/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install system76-pop-theme

This will install the complete look; individual components can be installed separately:

sudo apt install system76-pop-icon-theme

Installation from Source

You can also install the Pop icon set from git by cloning the repository, and using these commands:

sudo make install
sudo make post-install

Note that an initial ./configure or make is not required.

Folder's color

Pop has Folder colors support that allows you to change a global color of folders or just one of them.


Window Titles: Fira Sans SemiBold 10

Interface: Fira Sans Book 10

Documents: Roboto Slab Regular 11

Monospace: Fira Mono Regular 11

Manual fixes

For Unity users

For Unity users, we recommend installing patched Notify-OSD and change an icon size to 33px.

~/.notify-osd file:

slot-allocation = dynamic
bubble-expire-timeout = 10sec
bubble-vertical-gap = 10px
bubble-horizontal-gap = 10px
bubble-corner-radius = 24px
bubble-icon-size = 33px
bubble-gauge-size = 6px
bubble-width = 240px
bubble-background-color = 2f343f
bubble-background-opacity = 95%
text-margin-size = 10px
text-title-size = 100%
text-title-weight = bold
text-title-color = adb7bf
text-title-opacity = 100%
text-body-size = 90%
text-body-weight = normal
text-body-color = eaeaea
text-body-opacity = 100%
text-shadow-opacity = 50%
location = 1
bubble-prevent-fade = 1
bubble-close-on-click = 1
bubble-as-desktop-bg = 0


Also, you can change Unity launcher icon and unity-tweak-tool icons. Look into the extra folder in the icon theme.

Icon request

  • Application name
  • Icon name (see desktop-file option Icon on /usr/share/applications)
  • Original icon image


We welcome user contributions. If you don't know where to start, we've compiled a list of things they would like to see in your pull request:

  • new icons for missing applications
  • symbolic links to an existing icon
  • resolving open issues
  • spelling, grammar, phrasing
  • improvements to our scripts

Inside tools/work you find a step-by-step guide, an environment, and tools that help you:

We are waiting for your pull requests and would love to see this icon theme become as complete as possible.


Feel free to donate to the Papirus set to support the great work that goes into these icons! PayPal donate button

BTC: 1HwE62Zb8PyyY1XAR6Ykweix2ht8NAjvf5



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