Insurance Management System developed for the course, "Internet and Web Programming".

License: CC-BY-4.0

Language: PHP

Keywords: apache, bootstrap, javascript, jquery, mysql, php

Insurance Management System

This system is part of a project submitted for the course, "Internet and Web Programming". It is an insurance management system written mostly in PHP and connects to a MySQL database. This document details the setup process for this system.

Try the live site here.


  • Apache Web Server

  • PHP 5.5+

  • Node.js 6+

  • MySQL 5.6 (with database creation privileges)

  • Git (optional)

  • Composer (optional)

Setup process

Follow the below sections in order.

Setup the server

  • Navigate to the src folder and open .htaccess

  • For the database URL environment variable rewrite it in the following format-

  • Start Apache server.

Setup the database

Recommended: Use PHPMyAdmin to execute the SQL scripts.

Note: Make sure you have a database created with create, update and insert permissions.

Execute the queries.sql file in the directory root using the MySQL command line or PHPMyAdmin. This will create the required tables and populate the database with pre-defined values.

Setup Node.js

  • Install the latest LTS of node.js for your operating system.

  • Make sure node is in your system PATH.

  • Navigate to the directory root of this repository.

  • Open a command window in the directory and run npm init. This should install all the JavaScript dependencies required such as Babel, Bootstrap and JQuery on the system. You can access them at node_modules/.

  • Finally to build and transpile all the JavaScript code, run npm run build on the command prompt. Once this is finished, you will see a new folder called out that has been created with all the files ready to be executed.

Final Steps

  • Copy the contents of the out folder to the www folder of Apache or make a symlink to it if you so prefer.

  • Make sure you have an internet connection.

  • Open http://localhost/main.php on your browser. The landing page should open.

  • Use the following default accounts to access the site: For employees and managers, the username is "1" and the password is "reddit" without quotes. For customers, the username is "1" and the password is "rahul".

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