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Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is w...
Ruby - MIT - Last pushed - 2 stars
MailChimp gem with support for all the monkey APIs. **ALPHA RELEASE**
Ruby - MIT - Updated - 0 stars
Simple Rails plugin for database-stored ActionMailer templates
Ruby - MIT - Updated - 1 stars
A rails gem for Lightbox.
Ruby - MIT - Last pushed - 0 stars - 1 forks
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A toolkit of support libraries and Ruby core extensions extracted from the Rails framework. Rich ...
Latest release 5.2.3.rc1 - Updated - 42.6K stars
A generic command line interface for ruby-debug.
Latest release 0.11.6 - Updated - 180 stars
Rake is a Make-like program implemented in Ruby. Tasks and dependencies are specified in standard...
Latest release 12.3.2 - Updated - 1.47K stars
Rails internals: application bootup, plugins, generators, and rake tasks.
Latest release 5.2.3.rc1 - Updated - 42.6K stars
Makes http fun! Also, makes consuming restful web services dead easy.
Latest release 0.16.4 - Updated - 4.77K stars
Mocking and stubbing library with JMock/SchMock syntax, which allows mocking and stubbing of meth...
Latest release 1.8.0 - Updated - 967 stars
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