Highlight matches for the word under the cursor

Language: Vim script

Matchmaker v0.2.1

Highlight matches for the word under the cursor.


  • :Matchmaker turns it on
  • :Matchmaker! turns it off
  • :MatchmakerToggle toggles it

Note: this behaviour will change in version 1.0.0; be aware! When it does, the new usage will look like :Matchmaker on / :Matchmaker off. :Matchmaker! will toggle it. This is to make way for more commands, like maybe :Matchmaker someOtherMatchingMethod to change the matching behaviour. Also, I like it more.


Add let g:matchmaker_enable_startup = 1 to your ~/.vimrc to enable Matchmaker when vim starts.

If you have any highlighting conflicts with other plugins (such as EasyMotion) you can configure the highlighting priority with let g:matchmaker_matchpriority = 0, where 0 can be any value below (or above) the conflicting plugin.


This project uses the git flow model for development. There's a handy git module for git flow. If you'd like to be added as a contributor, make some well-formatted pull requests (against the develop branch) and let me know.


Same as Vim; see :help license

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