An R package for the Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data


License: GPL-3.0

Language: R

Keywords: corpus, natural-language-processing, quanteda, r, text-analytics

quanteda: quantitative analysis of textual data

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An R package for managing and analyzing text, created by Kenneth Benoit. Supported by the European Research Council grant ERC-2011-StG 283794-QUANTESS.

For more details, see https://quanteda.io.

How to Install

The normal way from CRAN, using your R GUI or


Or for the latest development version:

# devtools package required to install quanteda from Github 

Because this compiles some C++ and Fortran source code, you will need to have installed the appropriate compilers.

If you are using a Windows platform, this means you will need also to install the Rtools software available from CRAN.

If you are using macOS, you should install the macOS tools, namely the Clang 6.x compiler and the GNU Fortran compiler (as quanteda requires gfortran to build). If you are still getting errors related to gfortran, follow the fixes here.

How to Use

See the quick start guide to learn how to use quanteda.

How to cite

Benoit, Kenneth, Kohei Watanabe, Haiyan Wang, Paul Nulty, Adam Obeng, Stefan Müller, and Akitaka Matsuo. (2018) “quanteda: An R package for the quantitative analysis of textual data”. Journal of Open Source Software. 3(30), 774. https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.00774.

For a BibTeX entry, use the output from citation(package = "quanteda").

Leaving Feedback

If you like quanteda, please consider leaving feedback or a testimonial here.


Contributions in the form of feedback, comments, code, and bug reports are most welcome. How to contribute:

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