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A cross-platform .NET Library for HashiCorp's Vault (Secret Management System) - http://rajanadar...
C# - Apache-2.0 - Last pushed - 121 stars - 30 forks
A C# Push Notification Helper Library for Windows Phone Devices
C# - Apache-2.0 - Last pushed - 1 stars - 1 forks
A custom Log4J2 Appender to write logs into an AWS Kinesis Stream
Apache-2.0 - Updated - 0 stars
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indeedeng repo
Go - MPL-2.0 - Last pushed - 0 stars
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* The most comprehensive .NET Library for HashiCorp's Vault - A Secret Management System. * Vaul...
Latest release 0.11.1002 - Updated - 121 stars
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Most Used Packages

Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET
Latest release 12.0.3 - Updated - 7.35K stars
Provides older classes (such as HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse) for sending HTTP requests and...
Latest release 4.3.0 - Updated
xUnit.net is a developer testing framework, built to support Test Driven Development, with a desi...
Latest release 2.4.1 - Updated - 2.28K stars
Provides types for reading, exporting and verifying Authenticode X.509 v3 certificates. These cer...
Latest release 4.3.2 - Updated
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