Chatbot for Facebook Messenger that finds nearest gluten-free restaurants

License: MIT

Language: JavaScript

Gluten Bot

Gluten Bot is a chatbot written for Facebook Messenger. It finds nearest gluten-free restaurants. Simple and easy to use.


Go to Gluten Tag page and add the bot to your messenger.

To find restaurant:

  • Type in any address or
  • Send "Location" (only available in mobile Messenger)


This project originated from an example server for Messenger Platform built in Node.js. With this app, you can send it messages and it will echo them back to you. You can also see examples of the different types of Structured Messages.

It contains the following functionality:

  • Webhook (specifically for Messenger Platform events)
  • Send API
  • Web Plugins

Follow the walk-through to learn about this project in more detail.


Set the environmental variables before running the server.

Either in .env or in "Variables" section on Heroku.

Replace values for APP_ID and PAGE_ID in public/index.html.

# .env
DB_PG=<your_postgresql_link> # E.g. provided by Heroku plugin


You can start the server by running npm start. However, the webhook must be at a public URL that the Facebook servers can reach. Therefore, running the server locally on your machine will not work.

You can run this example on a cloud service provider like Heroku, Google Cloud Platform or AWS. Note that webhooks must have a valid SSL certificate, signed by a certificate authority. Read more about setting up SSL for a Webhook.

Running local server

Run npm start.

Debugging in WebStorm

There is a bug in WebStorm (version 2016.1.3) when using Node.js v6. Place --expose_debug_as=v8debug in "Node parameters" to make debug work.


Use service like https://localtunnel.me/

Add new Webhook into your Facebook App configuration and assign newly created public IP to it.


All webhook code is in app.js. It is routed to /webhook. This project handles callbacks for authentication, messages, delivery confirmation and postbacks. More details are available at the reference docs.

Future Plans

  • Restaurant Rating
  • Help command
  • Adding new places


See the LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree. Feel free to use and modify the code.

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