The source code to generate and deploy the Recursive Creative Website


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Recursive Creative Website

This project generates the HTML source for Recursive Creative's Website.

This website is can be built with the Henrik's version of Jekyll that adds support for HAML and SASS.

We had to make a small change to the HAML gem in order to get the SASS to compile. In:


Change the line:

paths = (@options[:load_paths] || []).dup

To this:

paths = (@options[:load_paths] || []).dup.to_a

Hopefully this change won't be necessary in future versions of HAML, but as of 2.2.2 it seems to be.

To generate the website in the output directory, type:

rake generate

To generate and deploy, type:

rake deploy


Feel free to reuse any of the scripts and code found in this project, but note that all content and images are copyright © 2009, Recursive Creative, LLC. and are not licensed for distribution. If you have questions about any of this, please get in touch.

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