Language: JavaScript


Javascript client for Contentful's Content Management API:

Supported browsers/environments:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • IE10
  • node.js >= 0.8


In node, using npm:

npm install contentful-management

Note: The next minor version release of dist/contentful-management.min.js will be much smaller. Please use a package manager to keep your JS dependencies up to date and get the newest version right when it's ready!


Create an access token for the Content Management API first. Use it as the accessToken parameter when creating the client.

var contentful = require('contentful-management');

var client = contentful.createClient({
  // A valid access token for your user (see above on how to create a valid access token)
  accessToken: 'b4c0n73n7fu1',

  // Enable or disable SSL. Enabled by default.
  secure: true

var log = console.log.bind(console); // wat

// Get Space
client.getSpace('foobar').then(log, log);

// Get all Entries
client.getSpace('foobar').then(function(space) {
  return space.getEntries();
}).then(log, log);

For now, please check out the Content Management API documentation to learn how the API and the JavaScript client work.


This library comes with a few example scripts

Cloning a Space

View Source

This clones a Space's complete content model & content. It's intended to be used to create one-time clones of Spaces, not for synchronization.

$ example/clone-space.js \
  --access-token $CONTENTFUL_ACCESS_TOKEN \
  --source-space-id $SOURCE_SPACE_ID \
  --destination-space-id $DESTINATION_SPACE_ID

Omit the destination-space-id parameter to make the script create a Space. When doing that you might have to specify a destination-organization-id parameter if your user is in multiple organizations.

Cloning a Space's Content Types Only

If you just want the content types for a space to be cloned, add the --only-content-types flag.

$ example/clone-space.js \
  --access-token $CONTENTFUL_ACCESS_TOKEN \
  --source-space-id $SOURCE_SPACE_ID \
  --destination-space-id $DESTINATION_SPACE_ID \

Migrating Entry fields

Sometimes you need to migrate content from one field to another. This is a script which migrates all values from one field to another field, using a specific mapping function if it's provided. It'll do this for each entry of a specific Content Type in a Space, going through it slice by slice.

Currently this supports mapping from Text to Symbol. But it would be very simple to convert e.g. numbers to symbols or even location strings to locations by geocoding. PRs are very welcome!

View Source

$ example/migrate-fields.js \
    --space-id $SPACE_ID \
    --content-type-id $CONTENT_TYPE_ID \
    --source-field-id $SOURCE_FIELD_ID \
    --destination-field-id $DESTINATION_FIELD_ID

Unit Tests

Set the following environment variables to valid values:

  • CONTENTFUL_ACCESS_TOKEN - a valid access token value
  • CONTENTFUL_MANAGEMENT_HOSTNAME - the Contentful host name (without protocol)

Then execute the unit tests:

npm test



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