Adds Retargeting tracking to Prestashop 1.6.x.

License: AFL-3.0

Language: PHP

Keywords: e-commerce, marketing-automation, prestashop, prestashop-1-6, prestashop-module, retargeting, sales

Retargeting Tracker


Retargeting and marketing automation for ecommerce. Personalized email content + Personalized live messages + SMS triggers to deliver to your customers the products they want to buy.

To find out more about how awesome Retargeting really is, visit .


Please refer to the PrestaShop documentation on how to get the module to appear in your installation admin section.

Once the module appears in your installation, you must install it into the store. Navigate to the "Modules" section and locate the module, it will show up under the "Analytics and Stats" section. The installation is done simply by clicking the "install" button on the right by the module in the list.


Once you have installed the module, you need to configure it. This is done by clicking the "Configure" link for the module in the modules listing. This will open a new page with the module configuration.


Academic Free License ("AFL") v. 3.0


PrestaShop version 1.5.x - 1.6.x

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