Docker file to install SiLK & FlowViewer

License: MIT

Language: Shell


Build Status

Docker image containing SiLK and libfixbuf cloned from Updated to load SiLK 3.15.0 and (retain) libfixbuf 1.7.1

Added code to install FlowViewer from

To build the Docker instance

docker build -t flowviewer_silk .

To run it and/or look around:

(This maps the web server to external port 82; and flow exports to external port 22055)

docker run -d -p 82:80 -p 22055:2055 --name flowviewer_silk flowviewer_silk 
docker exec -i -t flowviewer_silk /bin/bash

To stop the container and remove its name

docker rm -f flowviewer_silk

Then go to http://localhost:82/, and get redirected to the home page.

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