An application that updates its own user interface based on user's voice commands using speech recognition and machine learning


Language: JavaScript

Speech to Text Demo with Bing Speech and LUIS

An application that does speech recognition and returns weather data for the city you asked about.

STT Demo

This application is a simple live audio recorder that is based on RecorderJS and uses the Bing Speech API to recognize user's voice command while it also uses LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Services) to interpret the location the user is asking about, then it returns the current weather information for that location using the openweathermap APIs.


Clone this repo and then install dependencies:

git clone https://github.com/ritazh/sttdemo.git
cd sttdemo
npm i

Run the application then hit your browser with http://localhost:3000:

node app.js

Setup your own keys for Bing Speech and LUIS:

  • Sign up for Microsoft Cognitive Service here and get your keys for Speech API
  • Follow the steps here to create your own LUIS app, then get your LUIS application id and your LUIS Subscription-key.
  • To get the same trained LUIS app for GetWeather, you can also import an existing app by using GetWeather.json.


Many thanks to @cwilso for developing and maintaining AudioRecorder for the awesome UI components in this app.


Licensed using the MIT License (MIT); Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. For more information, please see LICENSE.

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