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Server Environment And Tools

This project aim to deal with modules related to manage Odoo server environment and provide useful tools. You'll find modules that:

  • Manage configuration depending on environment (devs, test, prod,..)
  • Keep the security on update
  • Manage email settings

Available addons

addon version summary
attachment_base_synchronize Attachment Base Synchronize
auditlog Audit Log
auth_admin_passkey Authentification - Admin Passkey
auth_brute_force Track Authentication Attempts and Prevent Brute-force Attacks
auth_oauth_multi_token Allow multiple connection with the same OAuth account
auth_session_timeout This module disable all inactive sessions since a given delay
auth_signup_verify_email Force uninvited users to use a good email for signup
auth_supplier Auth Supplier
auth_totp Allows users to enable MFA and add optional trusted devices
auth_totp_password_security auth_totp and password_security compatibility
auth_user_case_insensitive Makes the user login field case insensitive
auto_backup Backups database
base_cron_exclusion Allow you to select scheduled actions that should not run simultaneously.
base_custom_info Add custom field in models
base_directory_file_download Download all files of a directory on server
base_exception This module provide an abstract model to manage customizable exceptions to be applied on different models (sale order, invoice, ...)
base_export_manager Manage model export profiles
base_export_security Security features for Odoo exports
base_external_dbsource External Database Sources
base_external_dbsource_firebird External Database Source - Firebird
base_external_dbsource_mssql External Database Source - MSSQL
base_external_dbsource_mysql External Database Source - MySQL
base_external_dbsource_odbc External Database Source - ODBC
base_external_dbsource_oracle External Database Source - Oracle
base_external_dbsource_sqlite External Database Source - SQLite
base_external_system Data models allowing for connection to external systems.
base_fontawesome Up to date Fontawesome resources.
base_import_default_enable_tracking This modules simply enables history tracking when doing an import.
base_import_match Try to avoid duplicates before importing
base_import_odoo Import records from another Odoo instance
base_import_security_group Group-based permissions for importing CSV files
base_jsonify Base module that provide the jsonify method on all models
base_kanban_stage Provides stage model and abstract logic for inheritance
base_kanban_stage_state Maps stages from base_kanban_stage to states
base_locale_uom_default This provides settings to select default UoMs at the language level.
base_manifest_extension Adds useful keys to manifest files
base_multi_image Allow multiple images for database objects
base_optional_quick_create Avoid 'quick create' on m2o fields, on a 'by model' basis
base_report_auto_create_qweb Report qweb auto generation
base_search_fuzzy Fuzzy search with the PostgreSQL trigram extension
base_suspend_security Suspend security checks for a call
base_technical_features Access to technical features without activating debug mode
base_technical_user Add a technical user parameter on the company
base_tier_validation Implement a validation process based on tiers.
base_user_gravatar Synchronize Gravatar Image
base_user_role User roles
base_view_inheritance_extension Adds more operators for view inheritance
configuration_helper Configuration Helper
database_cleanup Database cleanup
date_range Manage all kind of date range
datetime_formatter Helper functions to give correct format to date[time] fields
dbfilter_from_header Filter databases with HTTP headers
dead_mans_switch_client Be notified when customers' Odoo instances go down
disable_odoo_online Remove odoo.com Bindings
fetchmail_attach_from_folder Attach mails in an IMAP folder to existing objects
fetchmail_notify_error_to_sender If fetching mails gives error, send an email to sender
html_image_url_extractor Extract images found in any HTML field
html_text Generate excerpts from any HTML field
keychain Store accounts and credentials
letsencrypt Request SSL certificates from letsencrypt.org
mail_environment Configure mail servers with server_environment_files
mail_log_message_to_process Log all messages received, before they start to be processed.
mass_editing Mass Editing
mass_sorting Sort any models by any fields list
module_auto_update Automatically update Odoo modules
module_prototyper Prototype your module.
onchange_helper Technical module that ease execution of onchange in Python code
password_security Allow admin to set password security requirements.
res_config_settings_enterprise_remove Remove fields in all settings views marked as enterprise
scheduler_error_mailer Scheduler Error Mailer
sentry Report Odoo errors to Sentry
sequence_check_digit Adds a check digit on sequences
sequence_date_range Module used to use the year of the date_to into sequences (instead of date_from)
server_environment move some configurations out of the database
server_environment_files_sample sample config file for server_environment
server_environment_ir_config_parameter Override System Parameters from server environment file
sql_export Export data in csv file with SQL requests
sql_request_abstract Abstract Model to manage SQL Requests
subscription_action Run a server action on a newly created document
test_onchange_helper Test addon for the onchange_helper addon
user_immutable Add Immutable User Support
user_threshold Add Configurable User Threshold Support
users_ldap_groups Adds user accounts to groups based on rules defined by the administrator.
users_ldap_mail LDAP mapping for user name and e-mail
users_ldap_populate LDAP Populate
webhook Webhook

Unported addons

addon version summary
admin_technical_features (unported) Checks the technical features box for admin user.
auth_from_http_basic 1.0 (unported) Authenticate via HTTP basic authentication
auth_from_http_basic_logout 1.0 (unported) Authenticate via HTTP basic authentication (logout helper)
auth_from_http_remote_user (unported) Authenticate via HTTP Remote User
email_template_template 1.0 (unported) Templates for email templates
import_odbc 1.3 (unported) Import data from SQL and ODBC data sources.
ir_config_parameter_viewer 0.1 (unported) Ir.config_parameter view
language_path_mixin (unported) Setting the partner's language in RML reports
menu_technical_info (unported) Fast way to look up technical info about menu item.
security_protector 0.1 (unported) Security protector
server_env_base_external_referentials 1.0 (unported) Server environment for base_external_referential
super_calendar (unported) This module allows to create configurable calendars.
test_configuration_helper (unported) Configuration Helper - Tests

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