My dotfiles for both OS X and Linux systems, forked from frdmn/dotfiles

License: WTFPL

Language: Vim script

Keywords: bork, dotfiles, setuptools


Bork-based dotfile setup for Mac and Linux systems which is really simple and easy to understand.


  • Dotfile wrapper based on Bork
  • Brew and Cask package check
  • Mac App Store app check
  • npm (Node Package Manager) package check
  • apt-get package check
  • Commented configuration options, so you know what is actually going on
  • Lightweight Atom package installer which uses a bundle Atomfile (and apm of course)
  • Dotfiles per hostname


  1. Fork this repository
  2. git clone https://github.com/<GitHub-user>/dotfiles $HOME/.dotfiles
  3. cd $HOME/.dotfiles
  4. ./dotfiles

Available commands

# Install/update the dotfiles
$ dotfiles

# Install/update one specific borkfile, located in borkfiles/
$ dotfiles <borkfile>


Explanation of the directories:

└── This folder includes the bork git repository which gets updated as
    soon as you update the the dotfiles

└── Includes the actual bork files, seperated to allow a condition based
    installation (system architecture, OS type)

└── This is the bootstrapping one, which applies the other Borkfiles in
    the same folder

└── Contains all of your configuration files which gets symlinked into $HOME
    as ".$FILE". So basically, your actual dotfiles (vimrc, gitconfig, etc)

└── Secret stuff that you rather don't track in the git repo

└── This folder could contain hostname specific (per host) dotfiles which get
    sourced by your Bash/ZSH shell only if there is a file that matches our
    current full (`$HOSTNAME`) hostname.

└── Specific files which gets symlinked into non-$HOME folders. Used by




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