Provides SSL, TLS and general purpose cryptography.

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OpenSSL for Ruby

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OpenSSL provides SSL, TLS and general purpose cryptography. It wraps the OpenSSL library.


The openssl gem is available at You can install with:

gem install openssl

You may need to specify the path where OpenSSL is installed.

gem install openssl -- --with-openssl-dir=/opt/openssl

Alternatively, you can install the gem with bundler:

# Gemfile
gem 'openssl'
# or specify git master
gem 'openssl', git: ''

After doing bundle install, you should have the gem installed in your bundle.


Once installed, you can require "openssl" in your application.

require "openssl"

NOTE: If you are using Ruby 2.3 (and not Bundler), you must activate the gem version of openssl, otherwise the default gem packaged with the Ruby installation will be used:

gem "openssl"
require "openssl"




Please read our for instructions.


Security issues should be reported to ruby-core by following the process described on "Security at".

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It wraps the OpenSSL library.
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Provides SSL, TLS and general purpose cryptography.
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Provides SSL, TLS and general purpose cryptography.
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