Temporary directory management for Rust

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Language: Rust


A Rust library for creating a temporary directory and deleting its entire contents when the directory is dropped.

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Deprecation Note

The tempdir crate is being merged into tempfile and is available in 3.x. Please direct new issues and pull requests to tempfile.


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

tempdir = "0.3"

and this to your crate root:

extern crate tempdir;


This sample method does the following:

  1. Create a temporary directory in the default location with the given prefix.
  2. Determine a file path in the directory and print it out.
  3. Create a file inside the temp folder.
  4. Write to the file and sync it to disk.
  5. Close the directory, deleting the contents in the process.
use std::io::{self, Write};
use std::fs::File;
use tempdir::TempDir;

fn write_temp_folder_with_files() -> io::Result<()> {
    let dir = TempDir::new("my_directory_prefix")?;
    let file_path = dir.path().join("foo.txt");
    println!("{:?}", file_path);

    let mut f = File::create(file_path)?;
    f.write_all(b"Hello, world!")?;


Note: Closing the directory is actually optional, as it would be done on drop. The benefit of closing here is that it allows possible errors to be handled.

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A library for managing a temporary directory and deleting all contents when it's dropped.
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