An AngularJS directive providing a simple slider functionality

Language: JavaScript

Angular SimpleSlider

version: 1.0.0


This AngularJS directive aims to provide a simple slider element for your application.


To use the directive, simply import one of the dist/ files into your html and initiate the angularSimpleSlider module.

The following example shows you how to configure a slider with 612x612 pixels using an fading animation:

<simple-slider style="width:612px; height:612px" transition-property="opacity" start-value="0" visible-value="1" end-value="0">
  <img src=""/>
  <img src=""/>
  <img src=""/>
  <img src=""/>


Many others examples of using can be found on the app/views/main.html file in this repository.

More info

This project is a simple directive implementation of SimpleSlider. Please visit its page for more information.



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An AngularJS directive providing a simple slider functionality
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